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Daniel Allen Finance LTD

2 Queen Caroline St
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (701) 293-5293

Contact: David Margrave
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Employees: 18
Year Established: 1994
Annual Sales Volume: $25M to $74M
Export Percentage: 41-60%
Annual Purchasing Volume: greater than $500M
Ownership Type: Corporation
Registered Capital: $51M to $100M
Bank Ref: Daniel Allen Finance LTD
Harmonized System Codes: 8419

Business Message

We have contacts of offshore banks that have correspondence with major banks to issue Proof of Funds (POF), POF Letter, Stand-by-Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG), MT 103, MT760, MT 799 and MT999 in 5-7 banking days. These bank instruments can be used to finance commercial real estate transactions; qualify for financing; credit enhancement; blocked funds; providing evidence of proof of funds; net worth requirements; leverage funding for large commercial projects; commodities transaction; and funding and participating in trading platforms.

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